Is one turbo REALLY enough?

The inside of the engine bay comes with some brackets which wouldn’t be needed, so they were removed:



I’ve been thinking, too, the question that’s in the title of this update – is one turbo really enough?

I just so happen to have a spare Mitsubishi 6A13TT engine hanging around… (2.5 litre, V6, 24 valve, twin turbo, 280bhp)

So – let’s see whether it’ll fit?

Well… maybe not yet…

How about if I remove the turbos temporarily?

I think that might be doable with minor amendments to the inner wings!

Another sill-y weekend

Much like the passenger sill, the driver’s side sill was in pretty bad state.

The worst was chopped off, and the box sections removed, to be re-built later.

The new panels were then clamped into place, and welding begun.

(Yes, I got a bit artistic with some of the photos whilst the welding was being done!)

Some box was made to repair the removed stuff: