Welcome NEC visitors!

If you’ve found your way here by taking a note of the web address written on my car at the Classic Motor Show at the NEC this last weekend, then please accept my thanks for spending your precious time at the show taking a look at my humble little project!

For those of you who I spoke to over the weekend, it was great talking to each and every one of you. Although primarily this is a project for my own enjoyment, and to spend some time with my dad, it’s also lovely to share it with all of you and spend time talking about it!

If you’re new here and just want a quick pictorial overview of the progress, you can start off by looking at the Picture Archive, or alternatively you can start at the Introduction and read through the entire saga from the beginning!

I work on this car (usually) one weekend a month, so please do keep checking back regularly for any further updates!

Great news everyone!

Great news everyone! The Dacia Sandero won’t be on the Ford Anglia 105E Owners Club stand in hall 18 at the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show at the NEC on 14-16th November!

But, my car will be!!

A few weeks ago I took a call from the club’s events organisers, looking for a modified vehicle to show off on the stand, and have asked me to take mine.

So, amongst other things that need doing, we have been tidying up some things to get it into a transportable and “presentable” state.

This involves such tasks as…

Fitting of a new windscreen rubber:
New windscreen rubber New windscreen rubber

Some quick & unpolished grinding back of rough welds, filling of holes in the doors, and temporary rust protection of exposed metal with zinc primer:
Temporary rust protection Temporary rust protection Temporary rust protection

Making up a bracket to hold the coolant expansion tank (and more zinc primer):
Expansion tank fitting Temporary rust protection

Fitting of the front bumper, and number plate:
Bumper bracket modifications Front view with bumper and number plate

Fitting a gear lever gaiter:
Gear lever gaiter Gear lever gaiter

So, it’s basically ready to be driven onto the trailer, unloaded and parked up on the stand. So, if you’re visiting the show, come along to hall 18 and take a look in person!

Current view Current view