Flipping front end

I start off this time with some braking news…

This just in: Capri 2.8 vented discs fitted!

Capri 2.8 vented discs

Next up, a one-piece fibreglass front from Team de Ville. A small amount of trimming was required to make it fit, as it comes supplied with the lips down the back edge of the wings which tuck around the A pillar behind the front of the doors. As I wanted to be able to flip this open without needing to have the doors open, these lips were removed.

Fibreglass flip front Fibreglass flip front

And then, with grill, headlights and surrounds fitted. Just left to fit the bumper, and indicators, and then do the wiring.

Fibreglass flip front

It’s finally looking more like a car!!

Lights, Camera, Picture

More wiring! More headaches!

Other than general tidying and removal of extra length, the main thing that needs sorting now wiring wise is for about the only electrical systems left on the vehicle – lights, horn and wiper!

So – onto those then! Wiring for horn + front lights was identified, tidied, routed, loomed and affixed:

Front light wiring

With a nice connector plug ready to make removal of the fibreglass flip front (which has been ordered, awaiting delivery) as simple as possible.

And the rear lights were dug out of storage, bulbs checked and replaced where necessary, and wired up, including tidying up and re-looming the run of wires to the rear:

Rear lights