Rear axle

Work this time continues on from the work done in the last update – namely the fabrication of a completely custom rear axle.

Having marked out and cut out the bits to mount the bearing units and calipers for the near side, we moved onto doing the same for the offside. After getting everything lined up and fitted to the wheels, it came apart, the paint removed from all bits, and the two parts previously seen were welded together.

After that, the hub bucket (#6) was measure, cut and welded, and it was all reassembled and affixed back to the wheels.

We had also added more to the diff mount, a large piece of heavy-gauge angle section, which will help to spread the load from the diff across a larger section of the body – this is wide enough to be almost touching the chassis rails on either side.

Rear axle Rear axle

We then measured and cut for the main de-dion tube, and began to tack together. We had to be very careful here to get the alignment spot on – any toe-in or toe-out and it will scrub tyres.

Rear axle Rear axle

There is still additional bracing to affix between the de-dion tube and the hub buckets, which will also perform the task of trailing arm mounts.