A second test drive!

I’ve got lots of stuff going on around the house and garden, so not quite as much time to work on the Anglia – however, I did get the exhausts fitted back up, fiddled off-camera a little with the Oxygen sensor display thingy I’ve been building, and managed to get out for a bit of a test drive & start the road tuning.

Eliminating the knocking?

In episode 33, I replace the banana-shaped driveshafts, and further investigate the horrible knocking noise coming from the engine.

I’ve done something a little different this time – an unedited “first person” segment – please let me know if you like it, and would like to see this kind of thing again!

Did I kill my engine?

In this episode, after the success of getting an MOT test and the car being road legal again, and the sadness of a burnt out coilpack connector and suspected failing engine, I fix the coilpack connector, and begin troubleshooting where that horrible knocking clunky noise is coming from.

Clutch Woes

This time round, I investigate what is going on with the clutch, after finding last time that it wasn’t quite working right. Will I need to remove the engine *again* to sort it out?

Radiator progress update

I’ve spent most of the time between last episode and this working on redoing the radiator modifications. So in the absence of anything else, here’s a slightly shorter video with an update of where I’ve got to.