More on passenger side

After a further period of neglect, I am now going to be spending some regular time on this – hopefully one weekend in every 4.

It’s been sat in my dad’s garage for years, and progress has been slow, but now it’s time to get into gear and get it progressed.

So – this weekend was the start of it, and it involved doing a bit more to the last area of concern – the passenger side sill area.

The hole we cut into the inner wing last time was patched up, a plate along the edge of the arch area cut and welded into place, and some strengthening and restorative work done to the front jacking point, and the chassis box section underneath the front seat mounting area.

Passenger inner wing patched and primed with Zinc 182

Unfortunately, we then ran out of welding wire, and no where open in order to get some more.

So, we then zapped over it with some Zinc 182 primer to protect it, until we can continue next time.