WordPress 3.9 Breaks WP-United Theme Integration

A small break from the traditional content here (but, if you’re a new visitor, please take a look at what I’m currently spending all my money on!)

As part of my role as website administrator for the Ford Anglia 105E Owners Club, I have to deal with updates to the software that runs the site – this namely is WordPress and phpBB.

Having had an existing phpBB forum, and introducing WordPress as the front-end, I wanted to merge the two, both in look & feel, and users, to provide a seamless transition between the forum and website.

To this end, I have utilised WP-United – however, the recent update to WordPress 3.9 has broken this integration, and when the Theme Integration is enabled in “phpBB in WordPress” mode, attempting to browse to any phpBB page results in a plain white screen.

I’ll update this as I find any more information – but wanted to get something out there onto the web so that anyone searching will find, and hopefully any WP-United users can find a solution.

Else, I’ll be looking back towards utilising something like bbPress… although I still don’t think it’s as good for forums as phpBB!