It’s under control

I thought it about time some control was brought to this project!

So, first off, how about some engine control, with the beginning of some of the multitude of wiring? I’m stripping out wiring for any systems that were present on the Galant, and won’t be on the Anglia.

So, that means removing: ABS, ASC, AYC, SRS, TCL and Automatic Gearbox ECU.

After starting with the engine and ECU looms, and re-routing, we’re currently set up as such:

Before going too much further with the wiring under the dash, a small amount of adjustment is required to fit the water manifold to the back of the engine. Firstly we had to trim down the top of the gearbox casing.

And in order to run the coolant hoses to the front, a small amount from the bulkhead.

Next on the agenda is some way of telling the car where to go, so… one Mitsubishi steering column and wheel 🙂

With the ability to steer, I think the ability to move and stop might be the next logical step.

The clutch/brake pedals are an old set of dual controls which were removed from another car, and the accelerator is from the 200SX.

Now that the steering and pedals are done, the bit of floor that had been hacked about to previously fit the Escort steering column was then replaced with a nice fresh bit of steel.