Have we blown it?

The biggest issue we’ve been worrying about is how we’re going to fit the turbos. They won’t fit in their standard locations. We decided to bite the bullet, and try to come up with a solution.

We took a trip to our local engineering firm again with a rear turbo, and a sheet of steel, and came back with a set of flanges:

One of the flanges bolted to the rear manifold:

A small bit of nice thick pipe (Mitsubishi L200 rear bumper bar):

And one turbo in place:

Now to rinse and repeat for the other side:

Next step is the downpipes, so out with a nice bit of stainless steel rear bumper bar, marked out, cut and welded into place:

Once we’d marked up where the downpipe would fit, we extended the hole in the flange to incorporate the wastegate before welding it all together.

Well… that wasn’t as bad as we expected – only a day to mount two turbos and one exhaust downpipe. So, yes, we have blown it now! 😉