Scrapheap Challenge

With one downpipe completed, it’s time to move the turbo back to the other side, and make another.

So, one flange marked and hole enlarged to suit and welded together:

And fitted in place:

Once that was done, we moved efforts onto the brake/clutch, which we’d started a couple of days ago. We had sitting around brake and clutch master cylinders from a Honda Prelude, so began trying to make them fit. However, the brake master cylinder was too big, and we couldn’t get a smooth enough action.

We had to take a trip to the scrapyard to get rid of some old junk, so we did our “Scrapheap Challenge” bit and looked around, and came back with a brake master cylinder from a 2001 Fiat Punto, which wasn’t as long, and, we made up a bracket to hold them in place. Also from the Punto came the reservoir, which is shared between brake and clutch – which means less things to fit into the engine bay on the Anglia!