Propped up, shafted and blown twice

This will be the final update from the week of work on the Anglia, so we finished the week by finishing up a couple of bits that had been partly started.

First off, the propshaft. The Nissan propshaft was the perfect length to mate up the gearbox and the standard Anglia rear axle, but it wasn’t supported at it’s centre joint, well, other than by a small piece of electrical wire!

A more permanent solution was required, so a couple of small bits of box section, with a bolt welded in place, and then welded to the inside of the transmission tunnel should do the trick:

Moving into the car, and the steering shaft needed supporting between two of the joints. A simple bracket, and that was done:

I also managed to pick up another rear turbo and manifold, as well as a manual throttle body, which doesn’t have the Traction Control stuff on the side of it. We bolted the turbos into place, and we could now see how the space was being used up quite quickly!

During the making of the pipework for the turbos, we decided to drag the fibreglass flip front out, and put it on the car, to ensure we’d have the required clearance under the bonnet for the myriad of pipework that will be required. So, here’s a couple of photos of it looking somewhat more like a normal Ford Anglia.

Unfortunately the current schedule of visits every 4 weeks means that the next scheduled visit falls on the weekend Christmas, so no work will get done then! So, you’ll have to tune in at the end of January for the next instalment!